Workshop “Making Better Connections”

When a team of researchers at Brigham Young University looked at over a hundred studies on social interaction and health, the results were clear – lack of connection is bad for your health. People with strong relationships lived longer, while feeling isolated can be as bad for you as smoking or alcoholism.

But how can you feel more connected to others when relationships can be so challenging? It’s simple – learn the art of managing expectations and creating real change within each relationship.

Our workshop Making Better Connections helps you identify the hidden expectations that block you from enjoying your time with

others, both at home and at work. You’ll then discover the only way to create real change between yourself and others, and also a technique that means relationships leave you feeling better, not worse.

The result – you’ll feel more relaxed and positive around both colleagues, friends, family and partners, and you will have the tools you need to now have happier relationships that last longer.

Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash

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Workshop “Relaxing Your Life”

  • Do you know what is really behind your stress?
  • Is your life a constant and exhausting race against the clock?

A survey by the NHS  found that almost 30% of sick days were due to employees suffering stress, costing the health system up to £400 million per year. Furthermore they linked stress to accidents, low morale, and poor performance.

How can you start relaxing and regain control of your life? It comes down to demystifying what is stressing you and becoming a master of your time.

Our workshop Relaxing Your Life guides you through a method that sees you

narrow in on the true sources of your anxiety. You’ll then learn how to prioritise your time so that the things that stress you are dealt with first and foremost, freeing up your focus.

The result? You’ll walk out having already let go of some stressors entirely, with good ideas of how to handle the others, and a new way to manage your days that means you no longer build up unnecessary stress.

Workshop “Knowing What You Want”

  • Are your goals always changing and impossible to reach?
  • Do you wish you could know how the next few years will turn out?

According to research carried out at the University of Rochester, reasoning isn’t always the best way to find answers. Instead, Alex Pouget, professor of brain and cognitive sciences, found that we can often make better decisions if we use the unconscious brain.

How can you find your ideal life if you keep losing sight of what that looks like? You need to understand and align yourself with what you deeply want, not just what you ‘think’ you want.

Our Knowing What You Want workshop shows you how to tap into both the wealth that is your unconscious mind, and the power that is your intuition. You’ll be guided to use these two tools to create a vision of what you truly want in life. Taking the new goals this clarifies for you, you’ll then be taught the most effective way of actually reaching the targets you’ve chosen.


The result – You’ll walk away with a visual map of just what your ideal future looks like, total clarity on the goals that are truly important for you, and a plan to make it all happen.

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Our 2018 workshop series


Workshop ‘Making An Impact’

  • Do you spend all your time worrying what others think of you?
  • Do you often wish you had a better effect on others?

A study led by the University of Manchester found that knowing and using our personal strengths led to reduced stress, more energy and higher self-esteem.

How can you know what your true strengths really are and then share them with others? It’s about recognising and harnessing the power of ‘Brand You’.

Our Making An Impact workshop introduces you to ten powerful archetypes that act like mirrors, showing you the talents and vision you already contain.

You’ll then learn about body language, and how you can use it to not only communicate and enhance your new found strengths, but to read others quickly.The result – You’ll suddenly feel at home in your skin, and you’ll find it much easier to confidently communicate who you really are with others in a way they understand.

The Workshop takes place on the saturday 19 May 2018.

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Our 2018 workshop series

Workshop “Eliminating problems” / and boosting your confidence

  • Do you see the glass as always half-empty?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence to solve challenges?

Can we think ourselves into problems? If a study of almost 30,000 Chinese Americans and astrology carried out at UC San Diego is anything to go by, we can. It showed that the more strongly a group believed that they were born in an unlucky year, the shorter their lifespan was likely to be.

How can you stop believing in problems and start believing you are invincible? It’s time to dig out the negative thoughts that are running your life and see solutions instead of brick walls.

Our Eliminating Problems workshop teaches you how to recognise and turn around your negative assumptions about yourself and the world.

You’ll also be introduced to our unique and powerful LIFE model tool which is especially designed to give you quick clarity and ways forward for any challenge you might face.

The result – You’ll skip out feeling full of confidence, able to handle any problem that comes your way, and ready to be the master of your life.

The Workshop takes place on the saturday 5th May 2018.

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Our 2018 workshop series